technical security

AGL prides itself for being one of the leading providers of comprehensive and secure technical security offering a wide array of services and products. We design, implement, monitor and maintain robust technical security systems for commercial, industrial, government and private sectors. With extensive and unparalleled experience in system integration, we cover all technical security disciplines including Close Circuit Video Surveillance (CCTV), Access Control, Fire Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems. At AGL, we help you choose the right surveillance system for your business or residence and we ensure it operates to optimal efficiency at all times.

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CCTV has been of immense value in deterrence of crime / hostile activities. Premises which are equipped with CCTV are less likely to be a target. At AGL, we remain current and are forward-looking in the latest technologies and offer a broad range of video surveillance solutions specifically customized to needs of our clients. Our selection of CCTV solutions is tested and proven technologies so as to keep people and facilities safe and allow you to keep a watch on all your concerns.

access control

Accessing and monitoring your home or office in your absence has never been easier. Now you can be in two places at once! AGL offers a wide selection of Access Control solutions including simple access keys, number coded locks, electronic or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Biometric (finger, face, retina) scan and mobile devices. We provide security at your fingertips.

panic alarm system services

panic alarm system services

AGL provides two types of panic alarms: automatically and manually triggered. After consultation with our clients, alarm systems are installed which can be activated physically or remotely. Automatically triggered alarms can be activated in case of smoke, motion or breaking of doors and windows. Manually triggered alarms can be activated in case of an emergency through a remote trigger or panic button at discreetly installed locations. These systems work independently and automatically generate messages to five different members of our team for immediate response.



AGL is an industry leader in the provision of Biometric solutions. Be it a location access or attendance verification, we provide the most advanced hardware and software to manage these machines remotely from multiple locations.

road blocker barrier

We provide road-block barriers in a variety of dimensions to suit your requirement. Our road-block barriers provide an effective method of securely controlling vehicle access to restricted areas. Providing a visual and physical deterrent to vehicle drivers, our road-block barriers are ideal for industrial and commercial use where heavier vehicles operate.

walk through gate

Our Walk-Through Gates are highly sensitive and fitted with latest technologies that detect the presence of metal hidden within or on the human body. Conforming to the international standards, our Walk-Through Gates and Metal Detectors are ideal for businesses, hotels, airports and hospitals which are busy public places or establishments which maintain an open-door policy. AGL is committed to ensuring the safety, security and welfare of visitors and personnel.

baggage scanner machines

Security systems have advanced over the last decade from basic physical search to intelligent scanning technologies. Baggage scanners are ideal for fast security screening of baggage and small parcels ensuring precision and efficiency. AGL’s state-of-the-art X-Ray Baggage Scanners conform to the international standards incorporating the latest advanced technology to keep people, facilities and premises safe.

razor wire fencing

AGL provides flawless wiring using the finest non-corrosive razor wire at competitive rates to secure homes, office buildings and all walled premises. Our regular maintenance service ensures the longevity and efficacy of the fencing after installation.

explosive detectors

explosive detectors

AGL offers comprehensive choice of portable and bench-top solutions specifically, designed for detection and/or identification of a wide range of commercial, military and plastic explosives. Meticulously designed to meet international standards in terms of trace detection and identification, our top-quality solutions are ideal for installations, airports, dry ports, seaports, police stations, border checkpoints, government buildings, prisons and vital installations.

base station with walkie talkie

The Base Station Control Rooms are the eyes and ears of our operations. They play a key role in coordination and provision of security. AGL operates a 24/7 Control Room which remains in constant contact with our workforce and clients. Our Control Room is equipped with industry-leading technology and an advanced operational management system. Our trained professionals are experts in addressing and responding to any problem in accordance with established protocols ensuring immediate attention and corrective action.