Security Guards / Personeel


Whether you’re at home or on the go, security remains a prime concern. As the political and economic realities of the world change, the dynamics of threat also change. We have a keen eye for the changing environment and are aware of the necessity for continuous evolution in the field of security provision.
AGL is recognized and trusted for its excellence as a security provider in guarding services. Our security guards are carefully selected and rigorously trained to the highest professional standards to provide for the safety and security of our valued clients. Through vast experience and intensive training, our professionals have developed a keen sense for threat detection and anticipation. At AGL we are committed to make your world a safe place.
We offer a wide array of specialized security services with customer focused personnel to suit your specific needs and requirements including: -

    • Special Services Group (SSG)
    • Special Security Wing (Ex-Military) of Fighting Arms
    • Ex-Servicemen / Civil Armed Forces
    • Fully Trained / Security Cleared Civilian Guards
    • Close Protection Officer (CPOs)
    • Lady Searchers