Domestic and Air service

Safe and secure transportation of cash or valuables by road or by air is handled by highly trained, reliable armed guards with experience in all aspects related to Cash in Transit (CIT). Our state-of-the-art bullet-proof CIT vehicles are fitted with cutting edge security systems and are continuously monitored with duplicate communication, real-time tracking and backup support in case of an emergency.

  • Swift and secure transportation of cash from a bank to a workplace business hub and vice versa.
  • Inter-City land transportation of cash and valuables provided there is a bank on one end.
  • Provision of secure and reliable CIT service on a daily basis.
  • Speedy delivery of cash through an organized network of CIT Vehicles | Bases throughout Pakistan in case of suspension of Air services.
  • Availability of CIT vehicles at short notice anywhere in the country 24/7, including public holidays.