AGL is a leading residential security provider with over two decades of experience. Our experts can assist you in choosing a customized, secure and reliable home security system which is, user-friendly with special features to meet all your safety needs.


AGL provides a variety of customized packages offering a combination of high-quality monitoring options to include: -

  • A Basic Monitoring Bundle
  • Mobile Access Keypad
  • Remote Keychain Motion Detection
  • Door & Windows Sensors
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detection and Siren Systems.

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All AGL’s stellar range of home security products are certified, branded and conform to the international standards. They are easy-to-install, easy-to-use and are among the best branded home security systems available in the market. Using the latest advances in security technology, our products comprise of innovative features and include security cameras, battery-powered sensors and large LCD displays. Some devices can be synchronized, controlled and monitored through mobile apps and voice support such as Alexa, Google Assistant and smartphone apps.

Quick Response force Availability

AGL reinforces your security by a second line Quick Response Force (QRF), which responds immediately and effectively to any situation. Our QRF is an armed unit of highly capable, veteran ex-servicemen who are trained to respond to situations skillfully and rapidly. Response time is reduced through regular training supervised by qualified professionals.